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Drink Culture

Oct 31, 2018

What was the first craft beer you tried? For many Hoosiers it was an Upland Wheat or Dragonfly. Take a sip of your favorite Upland beer and listen to Episode 83 with Pete Batule and Eli Trinkle from Upland Brewery. After 20 years of brewing, Upland now has six locations (listen to learn about the seventh coming to Indy soon) and many types of beer, including sours which we taste while we record at The Wood Shop location. "We are making world class beer in Indiana, but we don't want to be all over the world." Which is what makes Hoosier's proud to drink Upland beer and others crave it. Drink deep of the culture around you with the story of Pete Batule and Eli Trinkle of Upland Brewing Co.

Learn more about Upland Brewing Co...

The drinks we tasted at The Wood Shop...
Modern Tart
Garden Grove
Saison Du Trinkle
Upland Kombucha

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