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Drink Culture

Mar 13, 2019

A hip-hop artist, music enthusiast, and lover of all things creative record in a tiny home... Tune in to Oreo Jones' story as a leader in the evolution of Indianapolis' hip-hop culture. Sean "Oreo" Jones grew up in a small town where he found solace in its DIY music scene. He moved to Indianapolis because he felt drawn to his paternal roots, and in his loneliness of living in a new city, began to write. Oreo now has five albums, an Acorn Award for influencing culture, and is managing Indianapolis' Hip-Hop festival, Chreece. Oreo shares the background to his most recent album "Through the Depths of Hell I Picked Up the Phone" which was released under the name "Michael Raintree." This album features many collaborations with local artists and is the first album where Oreo crafted both the beats and the lyrics. Turn the volume up to learn about hip-hop culture in Indianapolis, the growing DIY music scene in Fountain Square, and Oreo's recent wild trip to Madagascar. Drink deep of the culture that surrounds you this week with Oreo Jones!

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